Game Changer

HeatFOX is the all new catalytic converter for wire enamelling machines.
HeatFOX is based on Alantum's unique alloy foam technology.

Your Benefits

Better Wire Quality

The wires produced with HeatFOX catalysts inside the enamelling furnace show higher quality compared to competitor

Save Energy

The light-off temperature is 30°C lower compared to all-metal catalysts, thus lower electrical heating is required

Ultra Low Emissions

Our nano technology enhanced Pt/ Pd coating makes sure that emission regulations are met with ease

Heat Resistant Housing

Super Active Catalyst

Rocket Steel Foam

Available In All Sizes

Heat Resistant Housing

Super Active Catalyst

Rocket Steel Foam

Available In All Sizes


Effortlessly, HeatFOX replaces any all-metal catalyst in your existing machine

Machine Type

HeatFOX is compatible with all conventional wire enamelling machines by MEIDA, NEWTECH, MAG, AUMANN and others. Both vertical and horizontal directions are covered.

Wire Type

Copper and Aluminum wires can be processed, both flat and round, ranging from 0.1 - 10 mm.


HeatFOX converts nearly 100 % of solvents and is suitable for your isolation such as PEI, PAI, PVDF and others. For a long lifetime, we recommend silicon-free varnish.

Some machines in some regions require an afterburner in the chimney to further reduce raw exhaust emissions. Alantum’s answer for your regulatory questions is called GreenFOX. The high PGM loaded catalyst reduces your emissions to quasi zero with ease. If you have questions regarding your total hydrocarbon emissions or NOx, please feel free to ask our tech-service (

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HeatFOX is an all new metal alloy foam based catalyst that converts the solvent from the varnish in your wire enamelling furnace into heating energy and clean air. Our main focus is your wire quality, high heating at minimum electrical energy consumption, long lifetime and ultra-low emissions.

The main advantage is the high burning efficiency, converting more than 99.9 % of volatile organic hydrocarbons. This allows you to further reduce your electrical energy consumption and allows for lower total manufacturing cost. At temperatures of 400 – 800 °C, the conversion of VOC takes place at the catalyst surface. The high burning efficiency is caused by the unique alloy foam substrate that possesses one order of magnitude more surface area than conventional all-metal catalyst, i.e. flat wire type.

The next aspect is wire quality. HeatFOX has a built-in filter function that maintains a quasi zero dust environment preventing defects such as bubbles and pinholes in your wire. The better wire quality allows you to have a higher production yield compared to wire produced with conventional all-metal catalyst.

HeatFOX is a coproduction of Asian precision and German quality engineering. The high temperature alloy foam is produced in South Korea, while the active ingredients are coated in Germany. This allows for production in large quantity with the highest quality standards.

No worries, even though we only use materials, steal and precious metal of superior quality, the automated production and resourceful use of raw materials within our company allows to offer attractive prices for our customers. Single units are comparable in price to all-metal catalyst, while long term contracts and large volume orders can be discounted.

We deliver no later than 4 weeks after your order. We know that sometimes, 4 weeks can be long. In case of urgency, we can even accelerate thanks to our local service partners. Just give us a call and tell us about your requirements.

HeatFOX is produced in all conventional sizes used in MAG, Meida, Aumann and NewTech machines. In general, we are not restricted in size and can supply tailored bespoke catalysts. For us it is important to know what machine type you are operating and what catalyst you replace, i.e. expanded or normal type.

HeatFOX is designed to operate in wire enamelling machines without changing a single parameter or screw. The system is hustle free and easy to install.

At this point, this question is difficult to answer because all catalysts installed are still running. The longest being around two years in operation to this date. We anticipate a typical lifetime of 3-5 years. This lifetime can even be extended in case HeatFOX is maintained and cleaned every 6 months. For details, please refer to our catalyst maintenance manual.

So far, all catalysts in operation are maintaining the same high performance and there is no need to reactivate. In case the performance drops, we are able to reactivate your catalyst by reapplying Pd/Pt coating.

We at Alantum believe that it is of utmost importance address the question: What are we doing with our product once it has seen the end of its lifetime. Therefore, we are establishing a product cycle that allows us to recycle the most part of our catalysts and avoid any waste. We invite you to take part in this circular economy. Alantum is able to recover your spent catalyst (all-metal and HeatFOX / GreenFOX) at no additional cost.


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